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Volunteer at Cascadia

There are many opportunities to volunteer within Cascadia Elementary. Volunteer opportunities may be found by communicating with room parents, classroom teachers, or viewing the PTA Sign-up

To be a volunteer we just need to make sure you have filled out all the appropriate paperwork. Prior to working in the school or chaperoning a trip you must have completed your paperwork.

Also, if you think you will want to chaperone at any point this school year, please turn your paperwork in by October 1. This helps to ensure timely processing by office staff and let’s teachers know who is able to chaperone.

Visit the SPS website to learn how to be a volunteer

If you plan to Volunteer or Chaperone this year, and have not submitted your online application, please do so as soon as possible.

Please let us know in the office if you encounter any problems and we’ll try to troubleshoot it with you! Or you can email

If you have any questions please contact the office staff at 206-413-2000 or check out the PTA Volunteer website.