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Race & Equity Team

Race & Equity Team at Cascadia


Mission Statement

To inspire all staff to embrace a culturally competent approach to education and in their daily lives, through creating a welcoming environment, community outreach, and incorporating student voice. We hope to promote students of color to school-based leadership positions and give all students a voice.

Vision Statement

To empower students, teachers, and staff to be advocates for a more socially just future.

2019-2020 Action Plan

?We intend to?create?a welcoming,?inclusive?environment?and?increase family and student voice in decision making and creating change.?We intend to communicate our goals and actions more frequently and clearly with the larger community.?We will offer several parent education nights, work towards increasing parent participation?through a survey and a co-design night.?We will also provide?the staff with ample quality resources to use for BLM and?trauma informed teaching strategies.?We plan to have a website up and running by the spring.?We will also start the practice of land acknowledgements at our meetings.?

Cascadia’s Race and Equity Team Members

Sandra Mackey

Merrick Bodmer

Dina Clagg

Kaitlin Lawler

Sarah Egger-Weiler

Camille Paul

Ashley Toney

Nathan Brown

Parent representative – Ivan Gonzalez