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Snack and Lunch Times


Our classrooms are not spaces for eating or taking off masks.  The District has approved our lunch plan and eating without a mask may occur only in those spaces.  Students must be wearing masks in classrooms at all times, so any snack consumption must be done outdoors with all students facing the same direction and distanced 6 ft apart.   

Student Safety Supplies:   

Students will need to have at least 2 masks with them at school every day.  They may bring hand sanitizer for their desks and can use the storage cubbies in the classrooms for their coats and bags.   

Lunch and Recess Procedures:   

  1. We have 3 lunches of no more than 200 students per lunch, and only 2 classes will eat in the cafeteria (it has a COVID capacity of 108 students) and all other students will eat outside. We have tents in the two courtyards.
  1. Students can use hand sanitizer when leaving and entering classrooms and lunchroom 
  1. Lunchroom faucets will be assigned to classes for students who want to wash hands instead of using sanitizer 
  1. Lunch recess is 20 minutes; the lunch period is 25 minutes, which includes 15 minutes of eating and 5 minutes on either end of transition 
  1. Teachers create seating assignments and kids sit in the same spot every day; we use laundry baskets for home lunch transport to and from classrooms.