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    Please see the attached map and Transportation plan created for our school.

    We hope that these procedures and guidelines will help keep everyone safe and ensure that each of us gets to school ready to learn. Keep your eye out for people in the crosswalks and biking around school. Having patience with staff and other drivers as we all navigate drop off and pick-up will help us have a wonderful school year.

    School Day Drop-off and Pick-Up:

    We strongly encourage students to ride the bus, walk or bike to school. These methods help reduce the number of cars entering and exiting the campus, reducing congestion and increasing safety. Each student outside of the walk zone should receive busing information. If you have any questions about your child's bus, please contact the Transportation Department at 206.252.0900 or In years past, the buses have been late the first few weeks of school as driver's learn routes. We still encourage you to have your child ride the bus as it will familiarize them with the routines which are taught early in the school year.

    When children arrive via the bus, they are dropped off on Wallingford Ave. They will then walk through an interior courtyard, through the building, and out to the playground to play and wait for their teacher. Staff will be on Wallingford Ave to meet and greet students arriving via bus.

    If you do drive to school for drop-off or pick-up we encourage you to carpool with other families.

    Cars enter the lot by turning from N 90th Street. Once in the line of cars we ask that you do not get out of your vehicle for any reason. Do NOT Park along the curb in front of the school. Your child should be ready to hop out of the car in the morning. Then you exit the lot by turning RIGHT ONLY. This helps keep cars moving.

    Please do not drop your child off from the middle section of the parking lot. Either pull up to the curb or park and walk them in.

    If you need to enter the building or assist your child you may park in the lot, find legal street parking or park at the the Eagle Staff/Licton Springs parking lot further west. Please be very careful when backing out in our lot.

    Also, if you notice a backup on N 90th Street of cars waiting to turn into the lot, please consider finding street parking and walking in.

    At Dismissal: Please find a parking spot either in the neighborhood, in the parking lot, or in the marked parking stalls along the curb. Please turn off your engine to avoid idling.

    Use the crosswalk in the parking lot to meet your child at the front of school. Once you have your child, use the crosswalk to return to your car. Remember, kids learn by watching adults, please use the crosswalks!

    Please continue to drive slowly and safely in the parking lot. Also, ensure that you are taking a RIGHT TURN ONLY out of the parking lot onto 90th St.

    Cars exiting the lot can only turn right/west onto N 90th Street.

    Please also ensure that you are refraining from using your cellphone while in line, giving your full attention to driving will help keep staff, students and community safe.

    If you are walking or biking to pick up your child after school you will also meet them out front of the school. Please use the pedestrian walk ways on either side of the parking lot and do not cut through the lot.

    If you would like to play after school you are welcome to pick your child up and walk through the gates to the playground. Please make sure that you are supervising their play and enforcing the playground rules posted.

    Events at School:

    We will have many fun events that will happen at school during the day and in the evening. We also encourage taking the bus, walking, biking or carpooling to reach these events. We are lucky to have a Metro stop right on the corner of school!

    You may utilize parking in the front lot. Especially for evening events, the lots at Robert Eagle Staff Middle School and Licton Springs K-8 may also be used. If all lots are full please find legal street parking which does not block driveways or alleys (5' clearance on either side), crosswalks (20' clearance on either side), or stop signs (30' clearance). The west side of Wallingford Ave north of N 90th St is bus only during the school day, but can be utilized for evening events. Wallingford Ave south of N 90th St often has ample parking. Other options are to park at Licton Springs Park, the Oak Tree Village parking lot, Greenlake Bathhouse, Sandel Park, Greenwood Park (Fremont and 91st), and walk the several blocks.

    Please see the attached map and Transportation plan created for our school.