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    Supply Lists at Cascadia 2019-2020

    Grade levels work together closely at Cascadia. As such, each grade level has created a supply list for all students on that grade to bought for use this school year. All grades can pay $30 for supplies. This includes supplies for the classroom as well as some supplies for the specialists in PE, art and music. 4th and 5th grade have a few personal items that should be purchased by families. Please see below for what to purchase.
    You can go to and log in with your Source account information to pay for supplies.
    If you are paying with a check, please make it out to Cascadia Self-Help.  Please write your child's name in the notes section of any checks. Hand checks directly to the teacher or give to Laura in the office.

    If you need financial help purchasing all the supplies do not hesitate to contact the main office at 206.413.2000. We want to ensure every child has the tools they need to learn. If you want to to help cover other students supplies you can add more money to your check or payment. All checks should be made out to Cascadia Self-Help.

    Fourth Grade

    In addition to the $30 payment for supplies please send in each child with:
    -One(1) 3" three-ring binder
    -One(1) set of headphones/earbuds
    -One(1) school supply box/pencil box
    -One(1) box of Kleenex tissues

    Fifth Grade

    In addition to the $30 payment for supplies please send in each child with:
    -One(1) Zippered three-ring binder with dividers and pencil pouch
    -Drawing notebook (small notebook with unlined paper)

    Optional for general use--but greatly appreciated:
    -adult size scissors
    -colored construction paper
    -extra composition notebooks

    Optional for individual use:
    -set of black pens of different sizes (for Inktober & sketching)