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    Growing up in Seattle I have many memories of driving south down I-5 and crossing the bridge that leads through the Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge . Mostly, it makes me think of potato chips (there used to be a brand of chips called Nisqually)! I've never stopped end enjoyed the Refuge, but I definitely have it on my to visit list now!

    Lucky for our 4th grade team and students, Ms. Gibson decided to stop and explore one day. She loved it so much, she thought, what so many teachers do, how can I get my kids here? She began planning a field trip to the Refuge for the 4th graders. The Saturday before all the snow started Ms. Gibson and the rest of the 4th grade teachers went on a field trip of their own to learn about the refuge and how to bring the students there.

    They had tons of fun exploring and got a chance to look at birds, plants and other wildlife. They learned about the importance of NWLRs to migratory birds, the links to Washington State history that the 4th graders study and how to use binoculars! They also learned about the deep history of the place and the Nisqually Tribes efforts to save the river delta. In 2015 the Refuge was renamed in honor of Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually Tribal Leader and activist who had worked hard to ensure the land remained undeveloped. You can read more about the history here:

    I'm excited to hear all about the trip the kids take in the spring! They've got a few months for the snow to melt out...

    Mr. Downing & Mrs. Ford Ms. Gibson birds in a tree blue heron
    watching for birds Ms. Spreen & Mr. Downing learning

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    Posted by aewallace  On Apr 17, 2019 at 2:02 PM