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    The Salmon are Back! 
    We have received our most recent crop of Coho Salmon eggs and they are already hatching! The first day back from break we received an email from Salmon in Schools that the eggs needed to be delivered right away! They were almost ready to hatch and needed to get into the tank. Luckily, Mr. Bass and Mrs. Daffara had set the tank up and the water was all ready for them. Kids have now been observing them as the hatch from eggs into alevin.

    We have been participating in Salmon in the Classroom for as long as I have been with the program. When I taught 1st grade I used to help manage the tank and clean it out and help take care of the fish. Then Mr. Bass and now Mr. Bass and Mrs. Daffara are helping to keep the salmon tradition going at Cascadia.

    There are 73 schools both public and private that participate in Salmon in Schools-Seattle. The group helps bring the eggs, permits and educational materials to the school in the Seattle area.

    We have Coho Salmon this year, but do you know all 5 types of Salmon that live in the Pacific Northwest? Get your hand ready...
    Repeat after me:  
    •    Thumb: Rhymes with "Chum"
    •    Pointer: "Sockeye" pokes your eye
    •    Middle: Tallest finger reigns "King" (Chinook)
    •    Ring: Wear "Silver" on your ring finger (Coho)
    •    Pinkie: is for "Pink" salmon

    Check back soon for more updates on the Salmon!
    Salmon Eggs in the tank
    Eggs introduced to the tank!

    Kids observing the salmon
    Kids observing the salmon changing from eggs to alevin!
    Posted by aewallace On 16 January, 2019 at 2:53 PM