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    Community meeting is often a place for our students to showcase their skills. This week we had students who regularly participate in lunchtime unicycling give us a performance! They were able to go up and down ramps, slalom around cones and even play limbo! Several of the kids even rode "Giraffe" unicycles! They were extra tall! All the kids participated in a flower dance where they worked together riding in formation. It was quite impressive!
    Each student also got to say their name, grade and how long they had been practicing for. Quite a few have been riding unicycle for several years, but several just learned this year. I know I was impressed! It's been a fun activity (supported by our wonderful PTA) that happens at most lunch recesses. Keep on riding Dragons!

    students riding giraffe unicycle
    Posted by aewallace On 12 May, 2018 at 3:06 PM