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    Principal Anna Birinyi's blog offers a glimpse into life at Cascadia.

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    We had quite the exciting morning today at Cascadia! During drop-off this morning you might have noticed police officers were at school. They were here to check on the owl! This morning a staff member at Robert Eagle Staff was walking along the walkway between the two schools and noticed that an owl was stuck in the netting near the baseball diamond. People tried calling various animal rescue services and vets, but many were still closed at that time of the morning. Then the police were called to offer assistance. Several staff members and some of the people working on the field helped to stack pallets to be able to reach the bird. Then our very own Ms. Gibson came to help out. She used to work in wild life rescue and knew what to do! We got her leather gloves and a blanket to keep her safe as she helped the owl. One of our parents called for a dog carrier to be brought to school. While we waited Ms. Gibson and one of the workers carefully wrapped the owl in the blanket and cut him out of the net. We brought it still wrapped in the blanket to wait in the office where it was warmer. The family then took the owl to PAWS Wildlife Center. They reported back that the owl should be okay to return to the wild soon! ​

    What a teachable moment! Today during Community Meeting we talked about what had happened that morning. We got a chance to learn a little more about Barred Owls and see two video's on owl regurgitating their owl pellets. video 1  video 2

    Thanks to our wonderful community who stepped up to help an animal in distress!
    Barred owl in crateBarred owl at the wildlife clinic
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    Posted by aebirinyi  On Sep 27, 2017 at 8:18 PM
    Every Wednesday we will gather as a school community. This week we got together in the gym and watched skits put on by our wonderful playground experts, Ms. Orme, Ms. Erickson and Mr. Bass. They taught us about using the "Buddy Bench," how to come in safely to the lunchroom and reminded us about not harming the trees and other plants in the playground. The kids loved seeing teachers on stage acting out the "wrong way" and then also acting our the Cascadia Way.

    We also watched several time lapse video's on our new projector! One is a time lapse of the building of Cascadia and the other is about the moving of Andrew Morison's murals from the old site to the new. I promised the kids I would share the video's with you, so here they are...

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    Posted by aebirinyi  On Sep 21, 2017 at 6:08 PM
    Hi Families,

    This is the inaugural post of the Principal's Blog! I hope to use this space to give you a glimpse in to life at Cascadia. I will still send out SchoolMessenger's or write in the Dragon Digest for things I feel the whole community should know.

    You can subscribe to the blog by using the RSS buttons.

    The beginning of the year has been full of unpacking boxes, finding missing boxes, getting to see old friends and make new ones. We are still settling in to the building and trying to locate all of the things that we hoped were coming with us. Thanks for being patient in the office as we work to build new practices.

    We held our first Community Meeting last week. Each Wednesday before early dismissal we will gather as a school community and have a chance to learn together. This last week we introduced all the staff members at Cascadia and Mr. Bass, Mrs. Erickson, and Ms. Orme taught us all about playground expectations. We learned we take care of ourselves by using equipment the right way, we take care of each other by giving them personal space, and we take care of our community by not playing with the trees and other nature.

    We are excited to continue to build community here at Cascadia!
    Teachers onstage during assembly
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    Posted by aebirinyi  On Sep 19, 2017 at 11:21 AM
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