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    Information about Assessment at Cascadia from Anna Birinyi

    When will SBAC scores come out?

    The hard copy of score reports have been mailed out to schools and we will pass them out to teachers and should come home in kid mail today or tomorrow. The scores won't likely be posted to the SOURCE until the end of October.

    What tests are students taking?

    The Districts Assessment Calendar has been posted at, but here is a breakdown of which tests our kids will be taking:

    1st Grade

    • Classroom Based

    2nd Grade

    • Classroom Based
    • DIBELS (reading fluency) by end of October

    3rd Grade

    • Classroom Based
    • Amplify-fall: ELA Only (October 5-October 30)
    • Amplify-winter: ELA Only (Nov 16-Dec 18)
    • Amplify-spring: ELA Only (Feb 1- March 11)
    • Smarter Balanced in Spring: ELA (March 14-April 22) & Math (March 14-June 3)

    4th Grade

    • Classroom Based
    • Amplify-fall: ELA & Math (October 5-October 30)
    • Amplify-winter: ELA & Math (Nov 16-Dec 18)
    • Amplify-spring: ELA & Math (Feb 1- March 11)
    • Smarter Balanced in Spring: ELA & Math (March 14-June 3)

    5th Grade

    • Classroom Based
    • Amplify-winter: ELA only (Nov 16-Dec 18)
    • Amplify-spring: ELA only (Feb 1- March 11)
    • Math MAP winter (for middle school placement?)
    • Smarter Balanced in Spring: ELA & Math (March 14-June 3)
    • MSP Science: (April 18-June 3)

    DIBELS is one of a series of tests that fit with the state mandate to test all 2nd graders for reading fluency. SPS chooses DIBLES for us because of the ease of use. We use it in addition to the Fountas & Pinnell reading assessments that teachers administer to help students choose books and show growth. This is an individual test administered one-on-one with the administrator.

    Amplify is a district mandated assessment that tests 3rd-5th graders in Math and ELA on their mastery of the standards. This is considered an interim test and is a link between classroom based assessments and end of year summative assessments. The intent is to help teachers know and track how students are progressing towards meeting standard. These assessments are computer based.

    Math MAP is given to 5th graders to assist in middle school math placement. MAP used to be given to all students as a screener and other schools still administer the test in grades 1-2. We only give it in 5th as our students are already in the highly capable program. This tests is computer based. (there may be some changes to the procedure around MAP, stay tuned for more info...)

    Smarter Balanced Assessments are the end of year, state mandated assessments to measure whether students have met the standards. The tests should also be able to measure growth over time from year to year. This will be the second year of giving the assessment. It is given to 3rd-5th graders in both ELA and Math. These assessments are computer based.

    MSP Science is given to 5th graders to measure their elementary science content knowledge. Because there is no Smarter Balanced Science assessment we still give the MSP version. This is given online.

    If you have any questions about assessment feel free to email Ms. Birinyi