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    There are many opportunities to volunteer within Cascadia Elementary. To be a volunteer we just need to make sure you have filled out all the appropriate paperwork.

    Here are the requirements to Volunteer or Chaperone in Seattle Public Schools:

    1. Complete the Volunteer Application
    2. Complete the Screening Form for background checks
    3. Read the Volunteer Handbook online.
    4. After reading the Volunteer Handbook, please print and sign the Volunteer Agreement (pages 18 and 19) and turn in.*
    5. Read the Volunteer Policy 5630 online - (read only, nothing to sign or turn in)
    6. Complete the online Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention "ASM" training (this is an audio training). Please print a copy of the certificate of completion and turn it into the office.*

    More information about Volunteering in Seattle Public Schools, links to the trainings, and copies of all of the forms* can be found below.

    (*If you print a form from online, please indicate your student's name and class/teacher on the top of the form before returning.)

    If you believe you have turned in all the necessary forms and completed the online ASM training, stop by the office with your I.D.
    • If your paperwork and training is complete, we will check your ID and you will be given the official (pink) Volunteer Badge.
    • If your paperwork and/or training is incomplete, we will inform you what is missing.

    If you plan to Volunteer or Chaperone this year, and have not yet turned in paperwork, please do so as soon as possible.

    To chaperone, all paperwork and training must be completed and turned in by November 1st, 2017.

    If you have any questions please contact the office staff at or check out the PTA Volunteer website.