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    UW Bookstore Bookfair
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    The UW Bookstore Book Fair is here!

    Proceeds help buy books for our library!

    Where: Cascadia Elementary Library
    When: Tues. Feb. 28th- Fri. Mar. 3rd
    Open: * 8:45-bell - Before School
             * 11:00-1:00- Lunch Recess
             * 2/26 5:30-8 PM - Science and Engineering Night
             **The book fair is NOT open after school for purchasing because of the number of students who ride the bus home.

    Monday, February 27 - Sunday, March 5:
    You may also visit a UW bookstore location or online and use the code CES to benefit our school.

    If you do send money with your child to school to purchase books, please make sure it is in an envelope/baggie labeled with your child's name and room number in case it gets lost.

    3rd Annual Dress Like Book Character Day

    - Friday 3/3 THIS IS NOT HALLOWEEN, though of course the same Halloween/Harvest rules apply, nothing lewd or violent, no masks, and no weapons. It's a great way for kids to get creative and spread the word about a favorite book. If a student dresses up they can enter a drawing to win a gift card to the book fair during lunch recess on Friday.