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    School Information Nights
    Posted on 01/23/2017
    The new Student Assignment Plan approved by the school board on January 11 dictates the North Seattle Highly Capable Cohort will be assigned to one of two schools.  Decatur will serve HCC students who live in the attendance areas for Bryant, Laurelhurst, Sand Point, View Ridge, or Wedgewood Elementaries, while Cascadia will serve all other HCC students in the Eagle Staff, Eckstein, Jane Addams, Hamilton, McClure or Whitman Middle school attendance areas. 

    More information about the program split can be found here.

    The HCC program will continue to exist and serve students in both of the new locations.  School information nights will provide information about the current HCC program and Cascadia school, as well as available information about the new locations.  

    Please find more information about School Information Nights HERE