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Cascadia Summer Math Information

The following is a list of math skills for each grade level. During the summer months we encourage students to spend 10-20 minutes a few times a week working on math concepts. We do not expect students to have all of the skills mastered.

Standards conform to common core, two grade levels advanced.  Primary grades use Math In Focus (Singapore Math), works books for which may be found here.  Intermediate grades use Glencoe Math.

1st grade

Addition and Subtraction within 100 with exposure to regrouping.

  • Place Value through 100
  • Skip counting by 2, 5, 10, 100s
  • Exposure to simple fractions (1/2, 1/3, 1/4, whole)
  • Money
  • Tell time to the nearest quarter hour
  • Measure to the nearest half and whole number in centimeters and inches

2nd grade

  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts; 30 facts per minute
  • Multi-digit addition and subtraction problems with regrouping (borrowing and carrying)
  • Place value understanding to round multi-digit whole numbers to any place
  • Multiply and divide within 100

3rd grade

  • Basic multiplication and division facts for 0-9
  • Addition and subtraction with numbers up to 10,000
  • Ability to round a given number to the nearest 10, 100, 1,000, and 10,000
  • Estimating sums and differences with numbers up to 10,000

4th grade

  • Fluent in addition, subtraction, MULTIPLICATION and DIVISION facts
  • Comfortable with adding and subtracting fractions, basic understanding of what fractions are
  • Basic understanding of decimals and adding/subtracting decimals
  • Full understanding of long division
  • Basic understanding of area and perimeter of regular polygons

5th grade

  • Double digit computation using the traditional algorithm
  • Writing, ordering and comparing decimals and fractions
  • Reducing fractions to simplest form using GCF
  • Converting between fractions, decimals and percents
  • Fraction computation
  • Plotting and reading data points on a coordinate grid
  • Finding area and perimeter of rectangles and triangles, given the dimensions

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