Cascadia Parent and Student Handbook

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

Please download the Parent and Student Handbook.

Welcome to Cascadia! We encourage you to carefully read this handbook as a family. You will find information that is important to the day-to-day operation of the school, its policies and procedures. Our goal is to provide a smooth running school that emphasizes our commitment to academic excellence and the personal growth of the students.

The goal behind this handbook is simple; in it we strive to clearly explain a number of the most important practices and policies we have in place at Cascadia. We hope that this school guide helps you to understand some of the general day-to-day aspects of school. This handbook is intended as a start, and is by no means meant to be exhaustive or complete. We ask that you feel free to give us feedback on how we can improve this work. HCC’s long tradition of working together has built a strong foundation for our students; through sharing and collaboration we can continue to create an outstanding education for your children. Our school - like this booklet, and like any learner - is a work-in-progress, always growing, always changing, and always improving. Communication is vital to that growth, and we are hopeful that this booklet will add to our communication and collaboration.

We work as a team at Cascadia, and we appreciate your participation as a member of the team. For our students, we encourage you to do your best and work cooperatively with your fellow students. You will receive from school as much as you put into it.

Schools are unique in that students not only have the opportunity to learn scholastic skills, but also to grow as they learn to interact and develop self-responsibility. Our guidelines are intended to promote positive behavior traits, establish clear expectations, and describe possible consequences for inappropriate behavior. They have been designed to help children identify a problem and develop positive and productive alternatives that are logical, promote self-responsibility, and have a high probability of helping a student meet with success in the future.

For parents, there are many opportunities for involvement. You are the most important person in your child’s life. We encourage you to become active members of SNAPP PTA and follow your child’s academic and social progress carefully and supportively. We hope that you will celebrate and reward their accomplishments, and help them to learn through the difficult experiences and challenges that are part of growing up.

We want your student to be happy and successful at school, and we believe that as parents, you play a key role in this. The child's knowledge that parents are actively interested in and supportive of the school program almost always results in fewer problems and greater success. If problems arise, we will work together positively and consistently to help students find a solution.

Building self-responsibility is a team effort between students, staff and parents. All students will be discussing this material in class at school. Please review the materials in this handbook and discuss it as a family.We need your support and look forward to working with you and your child. If you have questions about any of our program, we encourage you to call or visit. Since this is our school, we must work together to ensure all of our programs are of the highest quality.

Here’s to a great year together!

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